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Transission Numers TF81SN
Media Material felt membrane
Structure Material PA66+GF33
Size A 130
Size B 115
Variations JT254K
Couple With
Owner Number
JS JT254
MAZDA AW01-21-500
MAZDA AWA0-21-500
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Years Eng Vol Eng No Body Oil Air Fuel Cabin Trans

FORD   »   Mondeo

09.07~12.14 2300 C23HDEX CA2 OE406JC114J A0450 AC0111CAC0111 JT254KJT517

MAZDA   »   CX-7

02.06~01.15 2300 L3-VDT AUES01 OE406JC114J A474J FS2504FR1012PI1006 AC401J JT254K
01.06~01.15 2300 L3-VDT EG52 C114JOE406J A474J FR1012PI1006FS2504 AC401J JT254K
01.08~01.15 2300 L3-VDT EH67 C114J A474J FR1012PI1006FS2504 AC401J JT254K
01.07~01.15 2300 L3-VDT ER3P C114JOE406J A474J FS2504 AC401J JT254K
04.09~01.15 2500 L5-VE ER C114J A474J FS2505 AC401J JT254K

MAZDA   »   CX-9

10.06~12.15 3500 CYC4 TB C0064 A25006 FR1012 JT254K
10.06~12.15 3700 CAY TB C0064 A25006 FR1012 JT254K

MAZDA   »   Mazda 6

01.02~01.08 3000 AJ GG C417J A474J FS800M AC401J JT254KJT132K


01.06~ 2300 L3-VE LY3P OE406J A474J FS2514 AC403J JT254KJT318KJT317K
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