Health care

The air on the roadway with heavy traffic is up to 5 times dirtier than the air on the sidewalk: a high concentration of exhaust gases, pollutants and allergens are harmful to the health of car owners and passengers. JS Asakashi is doing its best to minimize the harmful effects of pollution on your health. The JS O2CLEAN air purification system is a new air quality inside the car for you and your family.


According to the World Health Organization, allergy is among the ten most widespread diseases in the world - the number of allergy sufferers is constantly increasing, citizens suffer from allergies 3 times more often than villagers. The reason is the difficult ecological situation in the cities and, first of all, the degree of air pollution.

Especially for allergy sufferers, the JS Health division has created an air purification system JS O2CLEAN - this is a brand new air filtration system in cabin.

JS O2CLEAN protects the interior air of the car from

  • pollen,
  • fungi,
  • bacteria,

and also combines all the advantages of air purification with high-quality filter media and the absorption of harmful gases by activated carbon.

Anti-bacterial protection of air inside the car

The JS O2CLEAN cabin filter provides full protection of the respiratory system by cutting down allergens and antifungal protection. The fungi remain on the surface of the filter media and are unable to multiply on it. Therefore, despite the season, you will enjoy the cleanest air when traveling by car.

JS O2CLEAN is installed instead of the standard cabin filter and serves you for six months or 10,000 km of run. Note that a special layer of protection against allergens and viruses "BIO LOCK" works as efficiently as possible during this period. If you install JS O2CLEAN in a new car, the warranty on the car from the manufacturer will continue to operate, however, now you will breathe completely different air!

How does the JS O2CLEAN air purification system work?

Air entering the cabin passes through three layers of cleaning:

  • BIO LOCK - retains and neutralizes bacteria, fungi and allergens.
  • ACTIVE CARBON - neutralizes exhaust gases and pungent odors.
  • O2CLEAN - cleans the air from harmful particles: dust, soot and small particles up to 2.5 microns in size (PM 2.5).


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