Engine Air Filter

Let your car engine breathe clean air. JS ASAKASHI Lab. Inc uses world-class filter element technology to block almost all airborne dust and dirt that can harm an engine including particles as small as a grain of salt. Air Filters are available in panel and round cyclone styles to fit most vehicles.

Panel Element Air Filter

It allows a linear path throughout the filter for low air flow restriction. A special forming process helps to form our exclusive pocket pleat for the filter media. A variety of technology allows NONWOVEN, PLASTIC FRAMED and POLYURETANE MOLDED types of filters in the range.

Radial Cyclone Air Filters

Use a mesh screen on the inside wall diameter for element strength and media protection from back-fire and a mesh screen on the outside diameter for element strength. Heat-resistant flexible material on the top and bottom for polyurethane type filters with special sealing beads provide a protective seal against automotive operating environments.