Fuel Filters

For consistent fuel flow, count on JS ASAKASHI Fuel Filters, mile after mile; to help keep dirt, rust, and other contaminants from getting into your engine.

Dirt, scale, and rust can easily find their way into your fuel tank. A fuel filter helps to prevent contaminants from entering your fuel system and damaging your fuel-injection system or carburettor. Our fuel filters provide excellent filtration performance, flow management, compatibility, and durability to maintain clean fuel flow to your engine.

Spin-On Diesel Fuel Filters

  • Highly effective total flow filtration for diesel fuel with water separation.

  • Superior filter capacity due to the increased area of resin-impregnated, pleated paper filtering media.

In-Tank Fuel Filters

  • Designed to fit inside the fuel tank. Can be equipped with a fuel pump.

  • Special materials are used in the processes of construction of the filter body which is designed to function in an aggressive environment inside a fuel tank.

Fuel-Injector Filters

  • Laser-welded seams help to withstand high fuel-injection pressures.
  • Filter media is pleated and impregnated with special materials to help to increase filter capacity, efficiency and durability.
  • A full line of stainless-steel and plastic filter products is thoroughly designed based on manufacture's design specifications for the proper fit onto your vehicle.

Environmental Fuel Filters

  • During servicing, only the filter element is replaced while its internal components do not need to be changed for the whole lifespan of the vehicle.
  • The risk of installing incompatible parts is significantly reduced by using back original external components.
  • Thermoplastic end discs of the element are made of recycled materials which help to save the environment. The cost of servicing is reduced.